Dear shopkeepers,

In order to provide you a minimum of income and to give you all our support, we have decided to launch a national solidarity platform for local businesses. As a big part of our lives; we owe you assistance. This website will allow to federate your community of customers by providing them vouchers from 5 to 100 € directly payable for you and usable as soon as the lockdown ends. The vouchers will be valid for 2 years. Moreover, from now on, for every 1 euro purchased, 1 euro will be given to you. A sponsor has joined us which allows us to no longer take commissions for the correct functioning of the website. However, we need more sponsors. Talk about it around you so that others can join us and the 0% commission remains applied.


Who are we ?

Kaaft Lokal is an initiative of the clc, implemented by Power Lab, an active member of the administration of the eCom : Digital Business. Our goal is to help individual shopkeepers to preserve our business community, even after the crisis. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Do not hesitate to send us an email at

Would you like to become a strategic partner ?

Contact us by email at

They talk about us!

"A new online community was launched on 21 April by Editus Luxembourg in partnership with, in order to promote local traders and restaurateurs affected by the coronavirus health crisis." Read more
"On birthdays and at Christmas, a voucher is the best way to give pleasure without making a mistake. Well, this time, the voucher will be used to support the country's shopkeepers. The idea is relatively simple." Read more
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" Not everyone has access to government assistance. The website gives consumers the opportunity to "support the businesses that they want to reopen"." Read more
"A solidarity that Claude Bizjak wants above all to rhyme with proximity. Individuals are not invited to pay into a pool, but rather to take a voucher that will support the business that they would like to see reopen." Read more
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